Outi Heiskanen, academician, and Janne Laine, graphic artist, share a long history of working together. Laine prints Heiskanen´s graphics at Himmelblau Printmaking Studio.

In 2003 their cooperation increased further as Heiskanen become aware of the spiritual similarities between the community of hybrid creatures she had created and the landscapes in Laine´s works. These landscapes were just waiting for Heiskanen´s enchanting people to move into their realms of timelessness.

Laine is the one who prints, but the artists create the works together. The combined artworks must always contain something new. It is essential that the incorporation of two images must give birth to something else than what was in the pictures before. Furthermore, they are not to become part of the production of one artist only. To gain this balance both of the artist must show discreet consideration, all the more so as the two of them are positioned very differently in the artworld.

It has taken courage for Laine to join the game with Heiskanen, who has achieved a title of academician. There is a risk that his share in the project is considered lighter than that of an older and better-known artist. However, the outcome has proven to be the best argument against that kind of thinking.

The resulting works cannot be credited exclusively to either of them. Instead of belonging solely to Laine or Heiskanen, they are clearly the artworks of both Laine and Heiskanen.

Still, their working together is more like a shared journey of exploration than forming a pair. They have thrown themselves into each others´ worlds in order to find new approaches to their own work.

The joint work process has resulted in a series of touching images of a mystic world, where two different kinds of realities coexist. The pictures present a gateway to the borderzone between real and imagined. When you have seen these prints, the separate works by Heiskanen and Laine don´t quite look the same as before.

Veikko Halmetoja
Art critic

Translation, Anne Paldanius