Hidden Path, Revelation, Night Lights, Destination

Aurora Borealis I-III

On The Other Side I-IV

Nocturne I-II

Reconstructed Memory

Imaginery Landscape I-II

Glow, Towards Home, Calm At Night

Misty Island I-V

Stage I

High Tide

Family Album

Disappearing, Fading, Vanishing, Forgotten

Presence Absence, Reflections, Flashing By

Hiljaisuus, Kesäyö, Sarastus, Usva nousee

Echo, Untouched Forest

Extended Sunset, Continuum

Forest God I-III

After The Storm I-II

Burning Sky I - III

Forgotten Journey I - IV

Primal Force I - IV

Shimmering Darkness

Hidden Mountain

Before the Words I - V

Skin of ice I - III

Towards the light and The Flood

Underworld and Into the deep

Alfa and Omega

At Night I - IV

Solitude I - IV

Night Reflections I - VI

The First Dawn I - II

Somewhere in between night and daylight


On a verge of disappearing

No-man's-land I - III

Beyond I - IV

Silence I - V, 2001

Vedostusohje I - XII